Firstly, I have a Fender Strat, cheap Crate Amp, and a Crybaby.

How do you get the sound in the solo for She's Only 18 and the solo for Dani California by RHCP? And yes, I know a majority of tonality comes from playing style, but I'm talking effects, amp settings, pickups, etc.

Also, what other effects would you recommend for someone who plays RHCP, AC/DC, and alternative-funk?

Thanks in advance.
I suppose... would it really make that much of a tonal difference?

Sorry for guitar n00bism, I just play, I don't know.
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Uh.... your missing a marshall stack... o well. Just turn your wah on and give it a bit of dirt/ i swear you'll be close ENOUGH to the tone.... why u wanna imitate any way?
Yes, it can. Doesn't mean it will. It just has the potential to.

You can buy every same pedal, rack, amp, guitar, string set, etc. and still not sound anything like it. You gotta consider the microphone he used to record it, the software they used, maybe if there were plugins, the kind of room they were in... etc./

Get my point?
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THe Dani California solo uses an electro harmonix big muff pedal. So you can't really recreate that without buying one or a modelling pedal.
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Lol, you're right... I just love that Dani California tone though, any thoughts on effects John uses?

And also, Marshall Stack? Clarify.

EDIT: Just saw Timi's post... googling it now.
Marshall Stack= Big asstone monster from hell
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Marshall Stack= Big asstone monster from hell


How much do those run? What features do they have?
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How much do those run? What features do they have?

Don't get the MG or AVT series just because they have more features.

But it depends on the stack and personally I wouldn't get a Marshall stack.

Go for a Marshall tube combo, maybe one of the JCM800 combos.
Just get a Tranyor amp, you'll get great clean tones for funk stuff and match that with a Big Muff, and you got Fru's tone.
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