Ok, Here's what's going on.... I'm getting a ****ty Strat copy tomorrow to put a HS-3 Into the bridge, and put on a scallopped neck I already have... So basically, I've now got a (horrible) spare Single coil, which I'd like to put on my acoustic... Basically, Do you think It would work? I realize that most strings on acoustics wouldn't work, but that doesn't really matter, because I already use extremely light electric string on my acoustic anyways... The Pots and Output Jack I've all got, And all I would really like is just a Volume knob with the pickup... How might I go about wiring this? I'm a complete wiring n00b, so if anyone could explain it as simply as possible, that would be great.......
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lennon did it

they still sell his signature model with a single coil in it.

the only thing is apperently u need electric guitar strings instead of acoustic for the pickup to work.

but maybe im wrong?
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^Well As Long As it will work, thats fine, But I still need to know how to wire it all!

Just a simple:

Single Coil - Volume - Output sort of thing..... Any diagrams? Anyone?
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