hey guys

im still playing through a little 15 watt practice amp, but i've learned it's much smarter to save up the extra and get a tube combo. I plan on getting a B-52 AT combo, or the Ashdown fallen angel. I read the one sticky post about them and how they work and i understand that, but i still have a few questions.

1. what are/is the best brand of tubes (and how much do they cost a peice)

2. im pretty sure there is, but are there special tubes for like high gain, cleans, exc

3. if there are, what are some good high gain tubes i would like for metalcore/hardcore music (and how much a peice)

4. how much should a complete tube replacement cost a tech (i can get pricings thursday)

5. thanks guys in advance
retubing is easy to do yourself, so i wouldnt pay a tech money for it.
getting tubes from this guy http://dougstubes.com/index.htm
seems like a smart idea, lots of good testimonies on and off his site, i plan on getting some jj retifier tubes from him sometime
personally, I like the JJ's from Eurotubes. Bob will test them for your specific amp, and can setup you up with a high gain kit if you want. I've also used thetubestore.com with good results. However, if you don't know how to bias your amp, I would get it biased by a tech when you replace them. Biasing is like the idle on a car. Too low, and it will sound like crap and run like crap, too high, and you will burn all your gas. Same applies to tubes, too high of a bias will fry your tubes quickly, too low, and you run into crossover distortion where it sounds buzzy and crappy.
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Yea, JJ's are great and Bob takes into consideration what amp you have and what sound you want. If you look into JJ's check out some 6L6GC's for power tubes and some ECC83's for the pre-amp.
what do you need to do to replace a tube
sodering? i can do that
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No its like changing a light bulb. except u wiggle it out and wiggle it back in.
changing tubes does not drasitcally alter the sound enough that tubes are inclined towards a certain genre. they do alter it subtley, though.

i've had good experience with JJs.
yeah ive nothing but great things about JJ tubes. ive got a B-52 AT-212 and love it but plan on getting JJ's for it when i have the cash, i want this amp to be pushed to its full potential. and good choice on the amp man, i love mine.