what do you find more appealing?
personally, the 80's to early 90's set rock standards for me. The likes of gnr,iron maiden,black sabbath, zack wylde and queen all had the best rock sounds. Agree?
I fing modern rock less appealing-there seems to be a weird trend in the way it's going. Wonder why this is?
Yeah where are the bands that will live on for 20 yrs? No superbands like the ones you listed. Yes,Cream,The Who, ELO, Zepp, Sabbath, Maiden, Skynyrd,...to name a few.
I listen to modern rock.. cuz its better....

classic rock has better guitaring definately.... but todays music is better to listen to.

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Myself i have moved towards some the the Modern Rock/Punk like Coheed and Cambria which is my fav band atm. But i really like the feeling that some of the older rock songs give you... Its almost like the modern rock songs have sacrafice feelings and what holds true to what you go through, as opposed to the more technical aspects of music. In short of words... they have become more about the music than the words.
i've noticed how alot of people who were into hard rock move into softer country/blues etc when they approach their 30's say. Maybe it's cus they can't take it
Classic all the way.

Just because it was a better feel.

Seriously do you see any of todays bands playing filled up arenas?? no
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Classic rock covers many different spectrums of the genre than modern rock (as far as I know), so I lke classic rock.
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