Consider a head only. Get some cheapo speakers to get by for a while, then buy a decent cab later.

If you can find one, Mesa/Boogie is the best metal amp around, imo. New they go for $1500+ of course, but hey, you might get lucky on EBay!

Get yourself a good head and, like, a decent 10" or 12", 10's having more attack or "crunch," 12's being more meaty, depending on the style of metal you want to go for. Then when you can scrape the rest of the dough together, get another 3 speakers and wire them in series/parallel in a basic box.

Or just buy a sh.t cab at some dime store and save your money. Speakers (cones anyway) are CHEEEEAAAP!!! Don't waste all your hard-earned cash on them yet. A new cab will set ya back, too. BUT, if you buy an old Marshall cab or something, even a Peavey, whatever, just pop new cones in it when you are in the black again.

Celestions, Black Widows, Scorpions...whatever your poison. A good cone will cost about $80 to $100 factory new.

You might even buy them in pairs. Wire the first pair in series (16 ohms) and then just add the next pair (also in series) and wire the two series pairs in parallel.

Don't understand what the hell I'm talking about?


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If you like Marshall look into the TSL(Triple Super Lead). That has three channels. Clean, OD1 and OD2 so in effect you can use OD1 for rhythm and OD2 for lead.
Depending on what metal you're into i'm assuming you probably like Metallica and they have used these and more recently Trivium, who actually used DSLs but thats the same thing except with 2 channels.
I have a DSL 100 stack and i play a lot of heavy stuff as well and blues, jazz and indie music and it suits all my needs.

Some obvious points which everyone is going to tell you is that you need to try the amp. It is a must! And you under a grand... thats a bit vague. How much under? just a bit or a lot? If a lot look into the TSL combos, if not much look for second hand heads and cabinets.

Also depending on you needs, for example, do you play in a band or just bedroom practise is a lot to consider. If you're just a bedroom guitarist and maybe jam with mates or even in a small band, definatly look into the TSL combos and save some of your money.
If your in a serious band, and by that i mean regular gigging and recording look into the stacks. A lot of people will say go for the combo anyway and save your money but personally I decided to go the whole hog and get the half stack and I certainly don't regret it.

If you want a specific solo button i know that the Marshall Mode Fours have one, as my other guitarist has a Mode Four but the chances of finding one under a grand, even second hand, are not much. You could maybe just look into some nice boost pedals eg. Ibanez Tubscreamers.
i wat thinking about buy a fender metalhead and the two cabs for it that they have in the description........idk do u think its worth the money??
I don't know. I'm not familiar with the Fender Metalhead so i'm not going to disagree but i wouldn't say it's the normal choice of someone who specifically wants to play metal.

To me it sounds like Fender are just looking for a way to get money from metalheads as people say or just generally people who like heavier music. But it doesn't mean it's not good! Go find one and try it out! Its the only way you'll know

EDIT: Definatly what that guy is saying below! I forgot to mention! If you've got a grand you have to go Valve!
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. You could maybe just look into some nice boost pedals eg. Ibanez Tubscreamers.

2nd that. Although you'll really really want to get a tube amp, obviously, to achieve the full affect of the pedal. Also if you want to dish out an extra 50 bucks you could go the Robert Keeley way. Hey takes a TS-9 and does a complete mod. 159$. I plan to do this for my solo channel for my B-52.
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Quote by pierce34celtic
You shouldn't really need an OD pedal for a 6505, maybe a chorus to improve the cleans possibly?

I figured he could have the Rythym channel for cleans, the Lead for Rythyms and a boost and EQ for a different sounding lead channel.
+1 the 6505 or 5150. They can be found all day long in your price range.

Just say no on the metalhead, although you could safely consider the Fender Supersonic.
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