Hey guys and gals,
I recently saw these guys on saturday August 19th, and let me tell you, those mother****ers kicked ass. I encourage anyone to get there stuff b/c it is so amazing, but has anyone heard of them?
I put on their show here.

They were some of the biggest rockstar dickwads I've come across in my experience with DIY punk rock. They treated me like total **** (they didn't know I set the show up for them at a new venue with moments notice), complained about how I wasn't able to give them enough money and how it was a matinee show. What's worse is you know when a band's in town you wanna try and get to know them and hang out, they wouldn't even talk to me because I didn't look as "punk" as the other kids and they hung out with all the kids who kissed their just because they were common enemy.

**** that band.

**** ANS too.