I need-

a combo amp that won't piss off the neighbors or break the bank, it needs a line out for an ext. cab and I'm not lookin' much for built-in effects, that's what pedals are for.
Also goin' for a nice clean and a little crunch, definately not a Marshall or a Mesa, a little more on the bluesy/ classic rock side. I've been lookin' at Fenders, Electars, and Traynors. A Traynor would be my first pick, but they're hard to come by in the US and a little pricey. I'm lookin' at around $200-300 on ebay.

Any advice? Tips? Opinions? Help!?
valve junior by epiphone.. 5 watt head goes for about 120bucks.. has outputs for 4,8, or 16 ohms.

There is a combo version that is about 150 or so.

Otherwise id say look at the blues junior from fender.