Er, I'm not even sure this is the right place, but hey...

I need some method of digital recording, either onto memory card or direct to PC, i already have Cubasis for post-editing and stuff, but i have no method of getting the songs my band are working on onto my PC. Anyone got any ideas? Within a reasonable budget (£150 absolute max).

From what i gather the Line6 Pod has this kinda functionality, but i'm not exactly rolling in money, so any other suggestions would be great
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right first off your not going to get great recording quality with that budget. theres various ways you can go about recording using a PC. so heres my suggestion.

Get a shure SM57. Itll do most things. like snare drums, guitars, vocals.


then get a Mic preamp, preferably tube mic preamp. Something like this.


Then get a soundcard like this.


I know it exceeds your buget. but its worth it.