Got a new electric guitar, a fender aerodyne strat, and the strings buzz... I wouldn't say I'm a hendrix, but I'd like to think I can play the guitar fairly decently, so I'm certain its not my technique, and anyway, I have two other guitars which don't have the same problem, a cheapo squier strat I learnt on, and a takamine electro acoustic, no problems.

The guitar is in tune, by the way. I'd appreciate any help anyone can give, I know I haven't given you an amazing amount of info, but its all i can think of telling you. Any questions would be happily answered.

Cheers for any help.
Take it the local guitar shop. They can fix it by raising the strings and adjusting the intonation. Shouldn't cost you that much either.
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Alternatively, learn how to fix it (intonation, string heights, perhaps truss-rod setting if you're feeling adventurous) yourself... its good experience. Bear i mind that it could just be the new strings...
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I've never had an experience with buzzing and new strings; well not one that I remember.

Anyway, Either you can take it back, or you can learn to fix it yourself. Like said above, it's a good experience, and it feels good to be able to do something yourself. I had the same problem with my Squier strat. It turns out I put the action too low.

Just don't do anything you aren't completely sure of, and don't be afraid to ask

raise the strings.

a tiny allen wrench goes into the two circled screws.
you lower them to raise that screw. u raise it until the string stops buzzing.

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