Well its more of a humming, but when turned up it can get pretty loud. Especially with gain and master volume up.

I got this amp (A fender Deville, 2x12) for 500$ used at a guitar center. And its a nice amp but i just dont know much about tubes. I know with my old Fender 15g frontman, electronic devices can cause this. And I am in a small dorm room, and the amp is kinda next to all my comptuer stuff...

External hard drive, and extra external dvd burner, telephone, speakers, clock, lamp, printer, scanner...so this maybe the cause of it. But im wondering if maybe a tube has been blown or something. Usually i play it at fairly low volumes...this thing can get loud as ****, lol i usually play with it on a 1 or 2 master volume setting...

anywayz, just wondering about ur input, thanks
Its normal for tube amps to hum more at louder volumes......all that other electronic gear doesn't help, but it doesn't really sound like anything is wrong quite yet.
I dont have a tube amp but I get a bad hum from having a tv or comupter monitor on next to my amp.
Its natural for an amp to hum. Have you ever heard an amp turned up loud with high gain not hum?
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Are you using a guitar with single coils that isn't shielded properly?
Loud volume sometimes amplifies the 60 cycle hum strats and other guitars get, and the electronic stuff around doesn't help either.
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How bad is the hum?
Some is normal...too much isn't. A buzz is bad.
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nah its not to bad, its noticeable, almost unhearable with 0 drive, but once u start cranking it up it kicks in. I just want to make sure its normal, because ive never had a tube amp, and im paranoid about buying 500$ used gear, lol