Show some ****ing empathy.
Understand how they feel.
You're ****ing the life out of another, but what you're feeling isn't real.
Another infidelity, but why can you not see?
That you're killing them everytime you come home a mess at three.

Smelling of cheap aftershave, wearing another man's jacket.
You'll say you got cold and a kind stranger didn't require it.
And deep inside he'll know what's really going on.
But he's to afraid to say it, to admit that you've done wrong.

They'll always think the best of you no matter what you do.
And although they're hurting on the inside; they'll never say a thing to you.
And I suspect it's not the first time that you've shown a lack of faith.
The world would be better off without you. You're just another disgrace.
While the rhyming, in most cases, works well, you could benefit from some better word choice in certain areas... lol.

Don't get me wrong, I've got nothing against "curse" words, but in their place. "Show some empathy" would work just as well, for example.
i like it
i think it could be better though if you would elaborate a bit more and add on
and ya i kind of agree with zaboni i think you could fine some better words hehe
i dont hav much to say on it right now i guess i might give a better crit later
but yeah its good i like it just add on a bit