I just upgraded from a fender frontman 15r to a valvetronix ad30vt. I play a fender stratocaster. The valvetronix sounds good for cleans but I can't get a decent distortion. The distortion was better on the frontman. Even on nu-metal with the gain high, it doesn't have a very good distortion. I have tried setting the master volume at different settings and the power output knob on the back but neither helps. Am I missing something???
ha wow u have the same rig as me, i had a 15r as well now i have the ad30vt, i like the uk modern for my distortion, all the others seem to be to bassy
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Yea, I have to cut the bass way down for it to be decent. I thought that the valvetronix would have a much better distortion from what I have read. I am thinking about returning it.
Well single coils aren't exactly the best for heavy distortion.

edit: Nu-metal also has the worst gain settings.
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Yea, I knew that I wasn't going to get a perfect distortion sound because of the single coil pickups but I am really suprised that it doesnt even sound better than my frontman. Oh well.
turn the Power level in the back wayyyyy down and turn all the knobs pretty high.

us higain, max gain, max volume, eq'ed how i like it and master volume on max, and adjust the volume with the power level=<3

edit: i use a strat too. its your settings not your gear
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