Hey, looking to explore some new music, I just picked up some Cacophony and John Petrucci solo cds today, I'm looking for music similar to this? I already have the full discography of Vai, Satch and Malmsteen, so what else is out there?
You could try Joe Stump, Vinnie Moore, Gary Hoey, Liquid Tension Experiment, Racer X

If you go to the 80's shred forum they have a recommendation thread there with some good ones.
Liquid Tension ftw.

Buckethead, Bumblefoot, Joe Satriani, John Scofield, John Petrucci, Michael Hedges, Paul Gilbert, Vinnie Moore, Santana, Al DiMeola, Jason Becker, Greg Howe

Deep Purple never did instrumental CD's, but they have a lot of jam sessons recorded on their earlier CD's (Days May Come And Days May Go, Who Do We Think We Are?)

My personal favororites are John Scofield, Jeff Beck, Eric Johnson, Some Zappa instrumental, Chet Atkins, and Albert Lee.
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If you want to try listening to something which is more song based then I suggest
you try listenening to some Leatherwolf. They had 3 guitarists and are one of the underrated bands of there era imho. They are very melodic but the guitar playing is awesome.

Go to the music section of this link and download the live Black Knight song for a good instrumental track

Mr Big, Racer X, and Paul Gilbert solo albums are pretty cool. Except Mr Big is not instrumental so....but is cool anyway.
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