So what are some good jam songs for playing with a band? I mean something kind of up beat, not too complex of a rhythm part that you and and another guitarist could just take turns soloing in? Share yours
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The definition of 'Jam' in my book is just having everyone finding a root key to follow and letting everyone get a solo in that wasn't written or anything - just ****ing around. It's what Deep Purple did, and they made it work great. If you want trade solos, try some Megadeth when Marty Friedman was with them. They do some wicked ****. Judas Priest K.K. Downing and Glenn Tipton, too. Personally, I think it's thrilling to just wing it. All of those mistakes make it more enjoyable, believe it or not.
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two easy ones sweet child of mine D,C,G,D then D,C,G,G. me thinks. And also knocking on heaven's door G, D, Am ,Am. and G, D, C, C.
led zeppelin songs!!!!11!11!1
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Jam song? Live "Dazed and Confused" by Zeppelin. Dazed, Walter's Walk, The Crunge, a ton of stuff all in one, and it never gets boring.
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Louie Louie. In other words a A, D, Em progression. Easy and lots of fun to solo over.
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Allman Bros. Band, Melissa is an awesome song to jam to.
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