Ok, so I'm not very clued up on Jazz music. I know who the big names are like Miles Davis, Charlie Mingus etc. but I don't actually own any Jazz music per se, apart from a few songs from Ten Years After that are more Jazz than Blues e.g. Adventures of an Organ and Woodchoppers Ball, which is a superb song I think a lot of you have probably heard.

Can anyone give me an idea of a good introduction into Jazz music (nothing too avante garde please!)

EDIT: Think I meant to say Charlie Christian and not Mingus ( is there even a mingus in Jazz?)
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a.) Yes there is a Charles Mingus, he's a jazz bassist and composer.

b.) A starting point... very cliche, but Kind of Blue by Miles Davis. I'm skipping fusion and going to modal jazz. It's not too weird, but it's not lightweight either. It's a starting point. It's one of the most popular jazz albums ever, and even if you find you aren't a big jazz fan, you can probably find some tunes you enjoy on here.
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like psych said, kind of blue actually is the most popular jazz album ever, and for good reason.

really, just mozy over to the jazz legends thread and listen to any of those guys. or find some top 100 lists and start on top. you'll always have underrated guys not up there, but it's not like rock where you'll get the random moron saying hendrix sucked. people are more or less in agreeance i would say that charlie parker is an undeniable musical genius.
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Know any good teachers in NY, especially skilled in teaching ear training? Tell me
Lenny Breau is godly. You won't have much luck finding his albums. Chester and Lester did some of the best albums to feature guitars.
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Search!!!!!!! There are so many threads like this.

If anyone wants to write a good intro to jazz/blues to be stickied in this forum including songs to learn, albums to get, artists to hear, please PM me
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