First of all, I just got a brand new Mesa Single Recto and a Road King 2x12 cab from guitar center today. I've put new strings on my guitar and now I'm ready to play! Ok, so I turn it on with standby on and leave it for about 5 minutes and then when I turn it on......no sound !!!!! I hooked up all the cables to the right place, the head is running on 4 OHMs and the cab is hooked up in the A/B slot also running on 4 OHMs. My guitar is plugged in and the volume is up, all the lights are on but no one is home.... Where is my sound? Something I'm doing wrong?

help me please
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I don't know man, if everything is plugged in right it should be working.....you sure the volume on your guitar is up? Triple check everything to make sure and maybe call guitar center or contact mesa i dunno
Everything is plugged in fine, all volumes are up. Still no sound so I don't know, guess I'll have to call Guitar Center or Mesa and see if they know.
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Also, 5 min to let your tubes warm up is a bit excessive, I'd say about 1 minute is all you need (I do ~30 seconds). Although, this probably isn't the root of your problems.

Are all the tubes firmly in their sockets?
Just call Guitar Center. They will exchange it for you right there. I heard that Mesa has bad customer service.
Is both the channel master and output knob up? It has 2 volume knobs.....

Are you going direct? If not, is everything in your chain being properly powered?

It is a tube amp....did you try it before buying? One of the tubes may have gone bad....
oooh, that blows Cody, sorry to hear that man. That must suck having that baby there and not getting to play with it. Like Ibanez said, check both master and output level are turned up. Also, check to see that all the power tubes are lighting up. what is the A/B slot you are talking about?
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Oh, I got it working. Horrible to say why it wasn't, Cody decided to become stupid all of a sudden and turned the Standby switch to ON and not leaving it on Standby.......no sleep for three days blows, anyway problem solved
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lol, well, good to know you got it working. I'd be interested in hearing some clips with that RK cab when you get a chance. Someone else on this board is using those together, and it sounded like a pretty interesting setup.
"The fool doth think he is wise, but the wiseman knows himself to be a fool." - W.S.
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Oh man it's outstanding! Sadly I have a horrible ancient comp mic and it's broken right now I think I'm going to save up until I atleast can get a nice mic. I might wait until I can get a decent recording set up though, but if you ever get a chance to snag one, I think it was better than the recto 2x12 I tried
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