What are the best cables for guitar? And with live gigs in stadiums or anywhere really how long is the cable? Also how do you keep the cable from tripping you up at a gig?
Run it between your guitar strap and guitar body then plug it into your guitar
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wireless to a guitar? say what?

and what kinda strings are the best for a warlock. Playing Metal and any other kinds of rock. Classic rock and heavy metal
Depends on preferance for strings, also depends on how fast your individual sweat corrodes them.

And I think for every 10 feet of cable, your distortion weakens. So if you use a 20 foot cable and play with the distortion at 10, it'll probably only sound like the distortion is at 8-9.
I really like the Planet Waves ON/OFF cables. They can be repaired easily and they are great quality.

how long 20FT is fine for me and yeh you can go wireless if you wanna be John Frusciante. also wireless systems are pretty crappy if you not paying above $300 so yeh if you wanna go wireless prepare to pay for it
Yea, if the stage is just like a your bedroom size, then don't bother with wireless.

Cool people like me make their own cables with the school resource, mwahahaha.

I love those 50ft long cable, but you lose a lot of ends(high and low) and your distortion weakens, and it sounds less 'guitary'.
Personally I think wireless systems are overrated. Unless you're playing giagantic stages, the freedom you get from doesn't make up for the slight loss of tone and the risk of hitting dead spots or picking up other signals. I don't use any special cables, personally, but I guess you could shell out the extra bucks for Monster cables. Lifetime warranty and all.
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I think the wireless systems are really important for professionals who have to entertain more than 1000 ppl at a time, that little bit more freedom can mean a lot of added stage dynamics and movement for the guitar player to visually impact the audience.

Any less people, i think you can get your message through with cables With the 20ft cable dilemma guys you can always invest in a clean signal booster, though some people would argue tone loss but if you build one yourself you have full tone control. If you have high output pickups, who cares? your amps probably got a tonnes of distortion anyways, use a 20ft long cable!

Heard great things about monster, heard great things about planet waves but horrable things about their on/off system in terms of reliablity - everybody loves em until they break down. I personally think it's an extra thing to worry about - you don't want a broken cable live.

Make sure you spend the money on these things, and always buy 2, hell it might cost you 100 us$ for a couple, but they're there for life, and you can always repair them.