Poll: what is your favorite Amon Amarth album?
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View poll results: what is your favorite Amon Amarth album?
Fate of Norns
7 35%
Once Sent From the Golden Hall
8 40%
The Crusher
0 0%
Versus the World
2 10%
The Avenger
3 15%
Voters: 20.
I chose Versus The World. Once Sent From The Golden Hall is good too. But, it was a hard decision between Fate of Norns and Versus The World. I've yet to hear The Avenger or The Crusher. They're next on my "Albums To Download" list.
i have all they're albums except for The Avenger but my friend is gonna let me borrow it so i can put it on my iTunes
woah, the poll option still works?

Once Sent...

I like them all to be honest
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Versus The World, but OSFTGH and Fate of Norns are very good as well.
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VS. The World so far...I would love to hear Once Sent but they don't make it anymore
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