I never hear anything about The Eagles in this forum! These guys are really great with awesome songs like Heartache Tonight, One Of These Nights, Desperado, and the classic Hotel California(awesome solo). What are your guys favorite Eagles' songs?
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I enjoy the Eagles' music. I like there more rock oriented stuff, as opposed to the lighter music (which isn't terrible, I just prefer stuff like Out of Control, In the City, and Life in the Fast Lane). And of course, everything Joe Walsh did is great
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Great band lots of great songs. My favourite is probably Lyin' Eyes. I saw them this summer actually.
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Saw them last spring...Farewell Tour 1...awesome show..just amazing

fav Eagles song..hmmm
Wasted Time is up there...so's I Cant Tell You Why...love Tim Schmit!
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I love the songs the bass player sings. He has a sweet voice.

Apart from that I don't really have a favourite.
I always think of The Big Lebowski when The Eagles are mentioned. They're alright, although I've never really liked them that much. Good musicians though.
I find that they are a bit too country for me sometimes, but I really enjoy alot of the songs on "When Hell Freezes Over". "Hotel California" I have heard too many times, but undoubtedly an awesome song. In Toronto, on Q107(Classic Rock Station) it was the #1 Rock Song of All Time. (out of 100)
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its really interesting
there a big difference in their music between when bernie leadon played guitar and when joe walsh and don felder played guitar

most of the more country songs came from leadon
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The Eagles are really good...they were really successful...my favourite songs are just about all the ones on Hell Freezes Over and The Very Best Of The Eagles
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I enjoy The Eagles a lot, whether they're rocking out or just more relaxed.

While I prefer their heavier music (as opposed to their light music) that appeared after Joe Walsh joined the band, I've been able to enjoy anything I've heard from them.

The only complaint I have about this band is their concert prices.

Anyways, my favorite songs by The Eagles are...

Hotel California
New Kid in Town
Take It Easy
The Eagles are ok. Hotel california was one of the first songs i learned on guitar :P

I still enjoy some of their music, but not as much as I used to....
I like The Eagles, both the rock and the mellow songs. I like them more after Joe Walsh joined though.
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I love all Eagles songs. But I lvoe Victim of Love the msot right now, especially the slide solo which might be simple but it sounds pretty sweet.
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