i heard the tone on a heavier gauge is better but there harder to play....is that true?? cuz im thinken about moven up
Yes. make sure you adjust the truss rod if its a big jump
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it took you 15 consecutive hours of practice to realize that playing guitar makes you better at playing guitar. congratulations.

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Yes but if you get lets say .12's .13's and try tuning to to standard, it will **** up your neck.
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how would you adjust your guitar so it wouldnt mess it up?
because i have extra thin strings on my guitar ( the thinest you can buy) and i plan on stepping it up a few gauges to like medium-think, would they mess up my neck?
hey i use the ghs zw custom .11 and the biggest guage is .70, and its the sma e size as the third stirng on my freinds five string bass pretty big, but i had to adjust the truss a bit no difficulties there but theyre fun ass hell to get heavy tones out of and play bassy type blues on clean channeled amps
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Don't make a big jump. If you're starting at 9 now go to 10, then 11 etc. Find what your comfort zone is, and go. 12-52+ (wound 3rd) is an aquired taste. Don't just jump into it.
your gonna have to build up callouse because 13's will tear yhour fingers, and get your guitar re set-up for that guage.
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It won't mess up your neck, but, you will probably need to adjust your truss rod for the proper relief. Also the nut may have to be filled so that the strings fit properly. That can't be reversed only replaced if you go back smaller. I'm talking about a drastic change in thickness, not just a size up.
They really are better if you want a bassier sound, or plan on tuning very low, like C, B, or even A (cough Nile cough), But honestly, if you are just going to stick in D, even C, .10's should be just fine.
I find action to be a more important factor than string gauge in comfort. I use 11s, basically in Standard tuning mostly, and now, whenever I pick up another guitar, it almost always has 9s or 10s on it, and I can bend extremely far now. If you're looking for a thinner, twangier sound, then lighter gauge strings are better, but if you're looking for a fuller, heavier sound, heavier strings are better. Also, they don't break as easily. And in addition, if you really care about your guitar, get a professional set-up before changing string gauges.
I like .11's because they're perfect, they are heavy enough to give you a nice, full tone, but I can still bend the strings easily. I find that using heavy strings is great for building vibrato. I dunno, I just love the feel of heavier strings. Which is odd, because I very rarely venture out of standard tuning on my electric. I use .13's on my acoustic, which goes into all kinds of wacky tunings.
yea i like 11's. i have too many problems with 12 and up so i dont bother any more. sometimes though ill have the three low strings from a 12 set and the higher ones from an 11 set. nice combo i find.