Ok, ive got a solid-body Epiphone Les Paul Studio. I know these are generally good guitars and i payed about $424 USD for it. The thing is, mine is very stock, and not excatlly my style, its got dotted frets not block ones, and the pickups are mediocre. Ive posted somehting like this before and people said "if you want different sounds get a new amp", but i thought i should make a more detailed post. So i dont like the neck anymore, because of the frets and the pickups are weak. I dont think its a bad guitar at all, just not my style. Im into metal and blues and yeah Les Paul's are generally good for blues but the frets just dont work for the bends and pulls and other things i want to do. Now i ask you, what should i do? Any new guitar reccommendations? Or any other thoughts or corrections? Please help, thank you.
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well man im a big fender fan boy so i gotta say strats are great for that. Just because i think they have very comfortable necks and pull bends and stuff whicked well. Another good guitar would be a sg those are very quick necks
If you like the Epi brand and want to stay with a set neck, try a SG. As mentioned by redsox193 Strats are worth looking at too.
it might be very hard to do.... but try pick up a satellite les paul they are from the 70's era.. (try ebay) i was testing out some pedals the other day and i was using my les paul and i thought lets try a few gibsons les paul's and see the difference. i swear to god the satellite was so much better it was a bit lighter and to be honest the sound was just so much better than the gibsons
I'd check ibanez, fender and jackson guitars for shredability. Cheap Ibanez RG's are good for metal, and S's are good for blues....but it might be hard to find one good for both.

I'd say check out jackson's, cos now a lot of them have seymour duncan pickups.