is it possible to convert a .wav file to a .mp3 file? If so, how do i do it. whenever i record on to my computer with sound recorder it automatically makes it a .wav file. In order to post it on myspace it has to be a .mp3.
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I googled something like WAV MP3 Converter. My recording also came with one. but it was a free trial of 20 conversions. Most of the ones u download are the same way. So I just move onto a new program when I run out. Or you can upgrade, or actually go out and buy one.
Play the wav file in any audio editing/ converting software, try out FlexiMusic Wave Editor. Using the "Save As" command, convert and save the wav file as Mp3. To save the file as Mp3, need to install a separate command line Mp3 encoder/ decoder. Lame win 32 will be of use.
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look up audacity on google, and dl the mp3 plugin, and audacity itself
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Got iTunes? Open the .wav file using iTunes and it will show up in your library list. In iTunes, highlight the name of the .wav file, then right-click and select "Convert to MP3". Another file with the same name will show up beneath the file you highlighted, only this one is a .mp3 file. The file itself can be found in the "Unknown Albums" folder of your iTunes library.