I have a chance to buy a Gibson SG Standard for $400. It's not an Epi and all indications point to it being a quality piece? Thoughts?

What should I be concerned about when getting a deal like this?
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Why he is selling it for so cheap.
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its crappy? factory defect?
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Are you sure of what you're buying cause...
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He's a good friend of mine from work and he's getting rid of it because he just bought a Custom guitar of some sort and has had a MIA Strat forever. He just doesn't play it anymore, so it's free cash and it saves him the trouble of shipping, eBay'ing, etc.

He's a good friend so I trust him not to rip me off.
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You don't like the smell of some other guy's poop? Hmmm...smells like home to me.
id say go for it then
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here is something you might want to take in consideration
if it is too good to be true then it probaly isnt
why would he sell a perfectly good gibson that is gibson quality for 400 buks when it could be sold at roughly $1500-2000?
then there must be something wrong with it

Edit: ok after reading your other post then id say go for it
you also didnt say that it was used, thet cuts off a few hundred bucks as well
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yeah plus him being your good buddy probably influanced the lower price as well, as opposed to selling it to a stranger.. If hes your good friend, and you work with him, i say go for it, if you find out its crap, wheres he gonna hide? lol..

I bought it for $500 with a case and two sets of strings thrown in. I am now the proud owner of a 2001 Gibson SG, midnight black with a dull black pickguard. It's killer, seriously. He had all the maintenance work done by this one tech who he's been going to for years, plus he had the guy do a checkup and tweak it a little when he took it in to replace the strings the last time.

I found out he's using the money to buy a PA since he used to gig with a friend who had one, but the other guy injured his arm and hasn't been able to play for about 6 months and my buddy is looking to do some of his own stuff.

Thanks for the feedback everyone!
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You don't like the smell of some other guy's poop? Hmmm...smells like home to me.