check out my bands stuff on our myspace,our songs are recorded with a program on a laptop which has a built in mic,the only song with vocal is the song "he says(she says)/fatt kids,we wanted to try to see how He says(she says) would work if we played it before fatt kids,so we recorded it that way,but at the time our singer was jus makin up random lyrics for he says...the song "your a nation" is jacked up, it wont ever play right,its like majorly slowed down for some reason, and is this odd thing, but the only actual good recording i think is fatt kids by itself,well comment here or myspace,but we will have full recordings with vox once our lead played gets a few days off college....heres the link... www.myspace.com/thebloodstainedbullets
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I dont think i'll be the last to say that Fat Kids sounds a lot like Dammit by blink, who i'm guessing are a big influence in your music. Great quality considering how it's recorded. You have a good sound going on the guitar, very generic but good nonetheless. Despite the familiar riff, a nice vocal melody could really make your song different from the blink counterpart and will probably be the make or break.

Sounds like a 3 piece and you come together really well.

Hmmm, "He says" sounds a lot like Song2 - Blur .. One thing you have to watch with the opening few chords.. if they're similar to another song people will instantly think "Rip-off" Maybe have a lead intro or something to break it up.

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