I need strings for the guitar im building, and as i was just gunna get regular old strings, i thaught about how cool it would look with colored sttrings. Should i get some or are they just a waste of money? My guitars black satin so i thaught red would look cool, and these are the only ones i can find.

Red Devils

edit: oh and the color would rub or wear off would it?
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I've heard that the color wears off. I dunno if it comes off on your fingers and fretboard or not since i haven't tried them yet. I'll probably get a black set soon.

You should try em out too.
yeah i thaught about black but i dont wanna over load on black, red and black go good and there 9 bucks, i guess ill get them.
i think the strings go dull before the color wears off
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oh well if there only 9 bucks i wouldnt see how bad they can be. and they would wear away before going dull probably but i dont know since i havent used them
that'd blow if you'd get red all over your guitar like on the fretboard and pickguard
i'd try it on a guitar you dont care about first for awile and make sure they dont go all over the place, i wouldn't trust them
It affects your tone, and depending on how it's colored, it might wear off and make a mess on your fretboard, fingers and penis.
nah it wont affect the fretboard unless you have a non-lacquered maple fretboard. the finish will probably rub off onto your fingers before they start to wear away