it's written like a letter, but if you read it with the ABBA Rhyme scheme it makes a little more sense, poetry-wise.. hence the title

The ABBA Rhyme Scheme

Dear Eyes of Yours,

I pray your senses are in full swing, and show remorse for not a single thing, that's if you can read this of course. You see i am writing from a cave and two optic beings like yourself would understand, it's dark down here and my steady hand is no longer steady, but a tool to no name. As you might guess, I ask for help, that you might come with a pleassant surprise, maybe be my eyes and for once be sold while i enjoy the sell. Before i grow old i beg to you ( all i can do ), please join me. It's cold.

Now you might ask today, " Pray tell say, how did i get this so fast?", To answer you eyes i send, when one sense dies, heightened are the other five. Correct me not, count i can, nor down or out, my mind still shot. Maybe a quick fix, but down here, you discover the senses, in particular this sense six.

I hope to see you soon, i know it's a bit ironic, a bit sardonic, since visions the one thing i could use. But save me a crevice, a small escape, so i may use instead my fists. To veer my way on course, home I thank you for: if you can read this of course.

With Gratitude I thank you eyes,
Surprise obtained with attitude

ALL feedback is greatly appreciated