I have just bought a Japanese Reissue Fender Jaguar on ebay and it is in decent condition but I wish to make some changes. I was hoping someone knowledable about jag's could help me out.

Is changing the stock bridge to a mustang bridge really worth it?

What kind of locking tuners will fit a jag and not require drilling?

Do the replacement pickguards for jags at warmoth.com fit jags besides the ones warmoth sells? They have an identical number of screws.

Would a graph tech tusq nut be an impovement over the plastic one the guitar comes with?

An help will be appreciated, this jaguar is my first electric guitar and im pretty clueless, other than stuff I have read.
What's wrong with the way it is? Is there really a need to change it? If there is, make the changes for yourself don't ask us. The Jags I've played off the rack don't need tweaking. Just learn how to play it before you mess with it.
don't do anything with it, as chokmool said, learnt o play it first, jags are great instruments and you should keep it the way it is for your first year or so, thn consider it, btw tht's your first guitar? tht's lucky, i'd kill 4 1 of thm
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replacing the mustang bridge will definatly be worth it i have a tele reissue with bigsby and it made a huge difference to intonation stability and sustain, cant help with the rest though sorry