Alright, I'm getting a seymour duncan pup in the brige of my Gibson SG standard. I've narrowed my choices to 2 models. The SH-10 full shred, and the SH-11 custom custom. I like to play hard rock and metal. Which pickup do you think is better? Also how much better will they be compared to the stock pup (498T Alnico magnet humbucker) Thanks
I have always liked the Screamin Demon its about the best all around PU i think.
the Full Shred is great it will be much better than the 498t however if you like the gibson pick ups the 500t is very nice as well great for metal
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All the pickups mentioned here suck arse, get a marshall MG.

Dude wtf is your problem this is the second thread you have mentioned that
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for me it sounds a bit harsh, You might want to look into a dimarzio tonezone?
i haven't tried the full shred. I wouldn't get the CC though, the alnico II doesn't really work for metal, IMO.
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