hello... yea i know y'all probably like wtf its another economy picking thread but i need some help so bear with me please... ok ive been playing for 1 and a half years now and im trying to master techniques... i have already mastered the pinch harmonic and am able to do it 95% of the time and all the other stuff like alternate picking and legato and blabla... so all thats left now is sweeping... i can sweep barre chords but i cant sweep the triads at such as the triads in canon rock by jerryc because everytime i try there is that excess sound... how do i mute the sounds??? i know you have to mute it with the palm but i cant..... another question is when you sweep and then you tap at the end do you go back to the bridge and continue sweeping or do you say if you tap on the 7th fret you stay up on the neck????