I'm trying to learn tapping on the bass. Does anyone know some simple tapping progessions I could learn? There are songs like Eruption that everyone learns when tapping on the guitar - is there anything like that for the bass?
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moonlight sonata by stu hamm
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Anesthesia features tapping.

A good amount of Dream Theater solos (The Dance of Eternity) have tapping.

Billy Sheehan (Addicted to the Rush - Mr. Big) has bass tapping.
The easiest to start off with is moonlight sonata, Also gives you a great introduction into 4 string tapping.
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If you happen to play a six string then I have a great version of Fur Elise that I tabbed out for two handed tapping.
^^ get real ! The easiest thing to start off with is a classical piece with lots of counterpoint stuff? people on here really have no idea how to teach a technique at all, and people get really crap advice!! Wanna learn slapping? Play Higher Ground! Wanna learn tapping? Just play Moonlight Sonata! Come on! Do you think a proper teacher would get you to play that to learn a technique?

To start tapping and to get used to the technique, you can simple do major scales. Use your left hand for the E and A (and later other strings if need be) and the right hand for the D and G. It would be very good for you to make good use of all four fingers at this early stage. Many people neglect their pinky and suffer later. Make sure your thumb is on the top of the neck, as this gives you the support you need.. Take it very slowly, and make sure each note is clean. You have to hit it harder than you think the higher up the neck you get. I repeat, do it mind numbingly slow at first and build up slowly.

I have been tapping like crazy these last few weeks and have developed a good routeine, which i will share with everyone when i get time to write up a lesson..
^Have you tried searching for it? You know....this is a guitar tablature site, after all.