I'm thinking of buying a multieffects pedal from the digitech RP series but wanted to know how many effects (like wah, flanger, temolo, etc) that you can use at the same time. Also, how easy/hard is the pedal to use or any other comments about it. Thanks~
Its really easy to use, and you can have only one special effect (like chorus, flanger, or some kind of harmony effect) going at once, as well as delay and whatnot. That said, they dont sound very good and I wouldnt reccomend them unless youre trying to cover up the tone of a really bad amp.
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Yeah...they sound pretty ****ty.
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They're perfect for beginners who want to find what effects they're going to fall in love with throughout their guitar career. Think about it.. Spend 50-100 bucks on a unit with 15+ effects in it and decide which you like best then ebay it, or spend 100 bucks 15+ times on pedals you want to mess around with, only finding them useless and having to ship them back/drive them to your store to return them?

I personally say, if you're a beginner who doesn't know what each effect does, or wants some versatility for bedroom practice and don't mind moderate tone, go for it.
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