I will do Crit4Crit

she tells me im a loner
ooh i know i know i know her

fall asleep behind the dresser
making fun of memories
i know i know i know your only hating
i know i know i know your only hating

how long does it take to make fun of this
how much does it cost your morale
sometimes i wish upon your casket (upon her casket)
yet i know it would be the death of me (upon her casket)
fall asleep alone again
make to hate all her freinds

its times like this
i wish you would leave
but ocasionally i think and i dream
its times like this
its time for you to leave
yet again
hopelessly (its time)

so how does it feel to be all alone
and hows does it seem when nobodys home
its so empty (its so god damn empty)
so empty

so how does it feel to wake up in my shoes
and what about the verbal abuse
its time to leave
i know i know i know your only hating
i know i know i know just leave
I'm not sure you intended it to remind me of a pop song.... But it does. In truth, I think it would do well in that type of market.

I'm bad at critiquing :P sorry. Can't think of any specific thing to point out, though it would certainly benefit from you taking some time off from it, and returning with a fresh eye.
Hmm not really meant to be pop as in backstreet boys. But more like Pop/punk of the later Blink 182 stuff. Though i did just write it while listening to Angels and Airwaves. So i see what you mean.
i like it i think its pretty good
i like how you put things together in the lyrics like repeated certain phrases (i know, times like this)

very nice

could you please crit mine? i dont hav a link its called I am nothing... im workin on the title