Yeah, I've been playing for a while, actually, and I've heard people describe necks as "fast" or "slow," but what exactly do they mean? Yeah, I know the question is idiotic, but other than action, which can be easily adjusted, how does a neck influence speed?
some necks just play faster and smother like for instance a gibson = clunky p.o.s. but good for slow stuff like blues riffs and position playing... somthing with a slimmer profile like a jackson would be a faster neck better for just runs and stuff
also, depends on the neck finish
if it has a painted finish that matches the body, the thick clear coat will make it feel "sticky"
a neck with a satin or oiled neck will feel smoother, even though it might seem the opposite in logic
one of the reasons that ibanez is loved by so many people is that the necks are just about as slim as they get on the market
the problem is that thinner and especially lightly finished and oiled necks are alot more prone to warping, which is why you see many ibanez bolt ons
"what are good intermediate classic rock covers?"
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alice in chains, stone temple pilots, led zeppelin, play rock and roll by zeppelin, thatll work well, maybe hendrix
and maybe war by meshuggah