i really wanna put green LEDs in my guitar, probally just by the pups, but i don't know anything about them, or about wiring, so i got questions.
how much do these things usually run for? i want 4 or 5
is it possible to mess my guitar up while doing the wiring?
will it be a lot of work?
what things will i need to take outa and off of my guitar? thanks

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what ya need is a battery pack, an spst on/off switch, some thin insulated wire, the four led's, and possibly a resistor. for four led's you shouldn't need one, but for 5 you probably would. if you wire it in parallel you need a resistor for each led though. and it shouldn't mess up your guitar if you don't touch the electronics. you would only need to take off the electronics plate and the pickups (keep 'em wired). you do need to drill a hole for the switch though. not that hard if you got a pickguard. still easy otherwise. should only cost you about 10-15 bucks.
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