im really sorry if this is the wrong forum again but i have an acoustic electric guitar so i posted it here hehe anyways does anyone know where to get a video lesson for guitar tablature reading cuz i wanna learn so bad
its really easy ill help u... ebgdae...all those letters stand for strings..thats the standard tuning for them...and all the numbers u see are the number off the fret u play on

d---2 thats a chord and u play it together....and 'P' stands for pull off instead
a---2 of picking 2 notes u pick the first one and just pull off ur finger....and a
e---0 'h' stands for a hammer on which is the opposite of a pull off..u pick the first note then put ur finger on the fret plaeyd after it without picking...and if u didnt understand what i wrote u can always buy books or take lessons...have fun
ok man got ur message so...the note that comes first...is the note u play first...so they all goo in order get it??? send me a message again if u dont
Do yourself a favor, learn to read music. Learning tabs will get you nowhere fast. If you want to have your music readable by someone other than a guitarist or electric bassist, you need to learn to read and write music. Don't be one of those kids who learns tabs and never learns to read music, cause its hard once you learn tabs and because used to it.
tabs are simple


thats how tabs are set out (the bottom line is the thickest string) the numbers are which fret to play, remember to play the one closest to the line on the left, and the 3 and 1 which are on the same line are played as a powerchord

i hope that helped
ok..man when u find something like this
a---5 u put 3 fingers on the guitar and play all 3 notes at the same
e---3 time...that certain chord is called a powerchord...hope it helps
Take your guitar in front of you in the normal position (assuming you fret with your left hand) and flip it towards you so it is upside down with the strings facing you.

Now your strings are in line with the tablature you are seeing on screen. The numbers mean the fret number (something youre gonna have to just get stuck in and used to, bro), and the line they are on corresponds to the string.

No pain no gain.

And the people who say that reading true musical notation is the way forward...that's just some self serving crap to make them feel better. You want to play guitar so learn guitar tablature, I don't think someday you want a crushing metal riff of yours to be played on a clarinet or some **** do you? So **** it, learn what you have to to be a bad ass.

I've got guitar mags from 1990 debating this and the same thing goes on today just online.