WELL Obviously a whammy bar helps.

Efffects wise. GAIN!!!!!

And I think a chorus helps, but I doubt Jimi used that.
And for star spangled banner out of key notes randomly played in no specific or pre planned order... much like most of jimi's stuff
well i think its in machine gun toward the end
i play strats, im a strat kind of guy, so i got the whammy down
for gain i was a'thinkin my metal master, but other than that i got nothin
how do you actually do it, is there a lesson somewhere?

my connections been really gay lately so theres no way ill be able to see the lesson
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herman li's lesson didn't help me much... i got the bomb dropping bit, but i can't get the explosion to sound right. do you have to fret certain notes on the explosion or anything? use the whammy bar?
could you not just use a sample?

i dont think you could get a decent sounding "explosion" from a guitar with out a tonne of effects, and/or an actual explosion
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And for star spangled banner out of key notes randomly played in no specific or pre planned order... much like most of jimi's stuff

...most of Jimi's stuff? you, sir, are either sarcastic or incredibly stupid.

"dive bombing" the whamming makes it sounds like bombs dropping. Basically pull the whammy bar all the way out and then push it all the way in slowly with heavy distortion.
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I think E string dives are more jimi like. Although he would throw in a couple higher strings too. And I always notice some other sound in the SSB, it sounds sort of like a flange. But I think it's just the amp. Seeing as a lot of his distortion came just by turning the amp to 11.
i did this and it sounded close. i have a note that a let go down with the whammy and then i push the whammy almost to the bottom to mke the strings pretty slack. hit the lower strings with your thumb while pushing the whammy down. you could also flick the strings with your other fingers. make sure you have distortion on. because its so slack it doesnt sound like a note at all. try shaking the whammy a bit but not bringing it up enough to get rid of the explosion tone. i havent really got it down and havent been trying too much lately but thats basically what i did. you just got to mess around with it. try and watch what jimi did and try your best to do the same.

its not easy to explain in words id have to show you but i dont have the stuff to do so.