ok, so my uncle "quack" (as my family calls him) tried to explain flamenco to me. but he was a bit tipsy and didnt explain it too well....

could someone explain it to me or provide me a link that explains it?

i hear its a good thing to play on the guitar. and im not sure if this thread is in the right place, if not...just lemme kno.

its based on styles called "palos".
sort of like different music styles blues, rock, country, whatever, there's different types of flamenco-
there's a lot of them man. the ones i mentioned are maybe the most popular. the solo guitar in my opinion is the best thing in flamenco cos im not too big on the whole culture itself, but originally flamenco was of dancing and singing.
one other thing,

its hard as ****k
Its not hard. Want more info? Please read up on the previous threads I've posted, if they're still around.

Flamenco is a culture, not a form of music. The music is just a part of the whole picture.