Hey guys,

I just wondering what you guys think of the Compound Radius neck design, are these very common, do they play well?
It's a pretty inventive design, which I really like. Because of the radius at each end of the board, it eliminates hard chording on flat boards, and choking notes on lower radius boards. Combining the best of both worlds, you can easily open chord & solo easily on the same board without problems.

I never understood why some of the bigger companies like Fender hasnt used these in production yet, but that's beyond me.

They're a great invention, and eliminate a lot of problems!

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the first i heard about it was on warmoth, so do they have some sort of copywrite thing goin on? So if I wanna build these necks, and then sell them, I don't want any legal trouble you know.
Honestly, even if it was copyrighted, they wouldn't care unless you became competition, which is pretty much impossble, cause they're this huge company.