you'll need a cable that can go direct in to your computer from your guitar, amp or pedal, i use garageband and it has guitar effects in it so i dont have to go thru my amp or pedal. for drums you'll need atleast 5 mics and a sound board or somthing that you can plug multiple mics in to the computer. get a decent pair of head phones if you recording in seperate tracks for drums. well thats all the ****e i use for recording.

ps. get a mixing board is really helps
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dude you can get a 4 track for like 75 bucks. record . . . . usb it to your computer. . . .get some sort of recording program and tweek till your dizzy in the head. . . . . .

i record somthing every day with mine and i put it on my computer and switch **** around.
I use a saffire focusrite which connects to my computer via firewire and i use cubase , which i hope to progress towards either logic pro or latest cubase, and i'm having quite some fun.
You only need 3 mics for drums Two small diaphragm condensers of the same make and model, plus one shure sm57 for the bass. Mount one condenser 3 drum stick heights over the center of the snare, and the other two drum stick heights over the drummers right shoulder. It'll sound great.

Don't use audacity unless you just want a guitar and drums or something. Get a sequencer, cakewalk sonar is good. Then get an audio interface. Something with 3 inputs for the drums you know. Plug that into your computer then you can record all the drum mics at one time onto three different tracks. And you could record say, a vocalist + a guitar + a bass all at the same time and on different tracks for easy editing and more versatility (effects!).

Oh, and it's "What do you need if you want to record on a computer" I hate when people say all in the wrong place.
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