Hey guys, just wanting some opinions on one of our new songs. Sorry if the recording isn't that great, we recorded it ourselves (well, jules did) in our rehearsal room.

Its on our myspace www.myspace.com/trandanticband

It's called "My Friend". When i get home i'll upload a few of the others to my webserver so i can link directly to them and get some opinions.


I like it, catchy, and i really like the tone. The vocal melodies and harmonies are ok, not the best, but i still like em. Good jobs, when youre in melbourne, i wanna see you guys play.
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Thanks buddy... Yeah, we've hit a bit of a setback with our singer in Europe for a couple months But not to fear. We'll be writing and practicing in the meantime. I'll be posting a few of our others up in about an hour when I get home, so yeah, if you get a chance let me know what you think.