I'm jumping back in the saddle after a long hiatus from the guitar. I never got to the point of playing songs as I'd learn riffs here and there and then go on to something else. I guess if it isn't my lack of speed, I have a hard time memorizing all the "fill type stuff", so I have a hard time getting my speed up.

Anyway, I'm wanting to jump in and practice for 1-2 hours daily. I figure one thing I'd like to do is have a DVD or two that I could follow to help in my speed and do a number of exercises.

What DVD's are out there that nobody should do without(at least if they're in the market for a DVD)?
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John Petrucci's Rock Discipline
Michale Angelo Batio's Speed lives/Kills DVDs

I have those and practice right through them on an alternating basis everyday
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