Could somebody reccomend a stompbox that would be perfect for a black sabbath sound ?

Or do you thinik I should just get a good amp to begin with ?

I currently have an Orange Crush 15w combo amp and a V-AMP2 for distortion and sound gate with a classic crybaby between 'em..
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There's an article Here that talks about his sound, possibly in more depth than you were looking for, I recently bought a Laney LC30 and can testify that it is quite easy to get that bassy, distorted early Sabbath sound out of it.
thanks dude, me and my band are working on a black sabbath medley and we were playing NIB yesterday, I had to play with this wierd sounding metal distortion cos I douldn;'t find the right effect :P
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I also thank ye, I'm a big sabbath fan (early stuff mind) also i'm not sure if it mentions on that page but you can buy a tony iommi humbucker for £91 (I'm getting one soon)
I don't want to do anythign too complicated to my guitar, just add a pedal to my rig or just replace my amp(which i was planning on anyway)
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ah kk, well the pick-up's an option if you ever want to get that great iommi tone for a guitar, also I've found that on my guitar using both pick-ups has a nice sabbath-y sound, but if you have the right amp you wont need that
Could somebody reccomend a 20-40w amp that would suit this sound ?
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