can recommend me strings which last longer then d'adds. my 10s are really short lasting; losing their shiny colour totally and feeling really dirty in about 2 weeks. the price of the strings here are really cheap, around 5 bucks (singapore dollars) for a set of d'adds, but i really want a longer lasting pack since im lazy to keep on going down to get new strings. and would thicker strings last longer? i was thinking of changing to 11s.
Get D'adds 9's for some reason they seem to last longer for me......
9's are seem to be very versitile for dowm tuning and all tunings really...try them out!
elixors. they are coated strings which last longer
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i always use some Ernie Ball, which last about 2 months for me. i'm currently using EB's Power Slinky, .11, which are very good
if you play a lot of bending then i wouldn't reccomend going up in string thickness as much. 11. is highest you should go if you often use string bending techniques. I use rotosound, but only because every pack comes with 2 high e strings
which packs come with 2 high es? the colour of the pack.

oh yes and can somebody recommend sets of .11s with unwound g strings.
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ernie balls all the way! great strings that last a good 2 weeks at least. Get the regular(10's) or powers (11's) good strings....
ok i just got some 11s. can someone tell me what to watch out for when stringing my guitar? like the neck and bridge intonation and wtv.