I read everwhere that it's best to hold you pick so that only 1/4 is sticking out, but I find it much easier to play when it's sticking out 1/2. Currently I'm playing a lot of trash-metal songs and I want to know if sticking the pick out that far is going to limit my playing eventually?
I feel that the less I have the pick inbetween the strings the more speed im able to gain.
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^^What he said.

Normally, I have half the pick sticking out when I palm-mute and do chord work. When I get down to solos and scales and such things, I keep it smaller.
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its one of those ever so lovely things which is left to personal preferance lol,,,,to an extent at least. I personally grip mine so theres just the smallest amount past the finger tip any further and i end up getting it stuck in the strings