Used Rivera Suprema 55 vs (JMP-1+Marshall 9100)?
What would you choose, if you already had a cabinet 2x12

the Rivera used is $1300
JMP-1+9100+TSL C212 is $1300 as well.


id go wiht the marshall simply because i have never herd of rivera. But when your talking that kinda money you need to go try them out for yourself really.
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Marshall all the way,

Rivera really are very good, but a bit to pricey.
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Rivera's are excellent and definately worth a look.

Not only is it a quality amp, but it's an entirely different sound (overdrive and EQ wise) to Marshalls.
I would probably try the rivera as i have never played that model however if it was a knucklehead hands dopwn rivera wins. i say you should go try them both out and see what you prefer
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after hearing those clips the Rivera FTW
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Rivera amps kick a whole lot of ass. I came damn close to buying one, but went for the El Diablo instead...

But in this case, if I already had a 2 x 12 cab, I think I would take the JMP-1 / 9100. the versatility in that setup just puts it ahead of the Rivera IMO. Either option is a good deal though.
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ya the JMP-1 probably is a tad bit more versatole but you also will need to purchase a rach case to house the power and pre amp plus a midi controller control it. so it may be cheaper to get the rivera
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