i want to buy an epiphone les paul. Up until now i have been confident in buying an epiphone les paul standard plus, until i heard on threads about people telling me to get an "elitist".
Could someone please tell me what the difference is are they more expensive than the standard/custom,or the same?
Elitists are made in Japan with premium grade woods and hardware, and cost more. They claim them to be on par with their equivalent Gibson models in terms of quality, but I don't find this to be the case. They're good, but not that good (assuming we're talking about a GOOD USA Gibson, and not one of the duds that are so prominent in the Gibson line these days). They are definately a step up from regular Epiphones (now mostly made in China, with a few select models still made in Korea), but not as significant as Gibson claim.

However, I will say this - they are consistent. Take 2 'identical' Gibsons off the rack, and the guitars can be night and day in terms of tone and playability. Take 2 identical Elitists off the rack, and they're almost clones of each other.
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