Hey, i waas looking at buying either an epiphone les paul 100 or epiphone g-310, but i dont know which one to get. I have only been playing about a year or so and play mostly rock like AC/DC, Offspring, The Darkness and most 70's and 80's rock. Opinions would be greatly appreciated. Also, are there any other guitars i should be looking at that are around that price range? (around $300-$500 australian)

what amp do you use?

i use the g-310 like everyday and its half decent as a beginners guitar and thats it. the electronics are pretty crappy, playability is ****, glue residue left on the fretboard. basically everything is wrong with it. still though i would probably recommened it over the lp100
I bought a G-310 about 11 hours ago for $250AU, 3 months old, never played.

I love it. It's my new best friend! Haha. But seriously, I bought it only because it was a bargain. I reckon it'd be great for the style of music you play, and also for your skill level (going on average skill level for a person that's been playing for a year).
Yeah, second hand... That's what I meant by "3 months old". And I knew the guy that I bought it off. Which was good.

Just played it then. ****ing love it!
get a g400 instead!
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I have a G-310 and it's fine. I don't have any glue residue like azn_guitarist said. The only thing I don't like is it has a bassy tone, but I guess that's not a problem, just my preference. Never played a Les Paul 100, so I can't compare them.
i have a les paul 100 and i think its good for the price i like it better than the g-310 ( i played it at the music store)
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um... i use a laney hcm10, its just a little practice amp but it does the job at band practice
get the vintage g400. everything on it is the same as the regular g400 except the finish. and its 100 bucks cheaper cause of it
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the LP-100 is a way underrated guitar, i have it, it's just as good as a G-400, and i know people will prolly be like BS but who cares, with a pickup swap easily as good as teh LP standard (epi that is)