hi guyz
i am going to perform this song in my skool , is there any way i can improve the music, like a short solo, harmonizing or somthing....plz suggest
have you heard the live version? tis on the electric with light distortion and has a wicked middle bit with a few simple improvisations..(which you should be able to play as soon as you hear it). Play it on your acoustic, and it'll still sound amazing
PS you indian, ye?
well i am not indian but nepali.......neighbour!!
can u plz post me the tab ....plz For a neighbour....
K there seems to be no tab....
Basically (you know the chords of the middle bit ye?)
You pick the strings in little arpeggios.....you play Em for 2 bars ye, in that 2 bars, pick the strings, then D.....pick the strings and on the top string pull off.....C pick the strings.....G pick then and then play G/F#...get the pic?
I could make a tab, depends on how long you have befoere you have to perform it
the best thing you could do for this song is learn its name. the song is titled 'good riddance' and that really is a big deal. second, have someone play the violin part over the guitar when you are playing. that would be the best thing you could do because that is what makes the song IMO.
well i got the idea, well it would be gr8 if u could make a tab for me, i'd appreciate it..
plz.......the show is like after 2 weeks
Try using your ear or improv it yourself if you can't find a tab or something. It's good for you and fun