right now i'm turning an old practice amp into a guitar head. i had some ideas on how to make it unique, i'd like to wire a pedal into the amp like you would on a guitar. How could i do this?(i have unlimited space because i'm making a new case for the head) i'd also like it if i could use the power from the power cord to run them, so i don't have to use batteries or a power unit. also, it know how to turn the signals going to the speaker into one output (thus turning it into a cab), but how could i do it to two outputs, so i can have a full stack?
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take the output jack off of the pedal then connect it to the input jack 4 the amp. take the push pot off of the pedal and put a switch onto it. and connect the volume pots etc. and atach them 2 the head by the pots that were already on the amp.take the input jack off the peadal and put it on the head
take the wires that are hooked up to the speaker and put them on the output pot from the pe.dal
everything else is just details
The power from the power lead is household voltage, so don't do that. I don't know what the voltage is when it's gone through the transformer, but maybe you can find a way to run pedals off that. Be careful though. If your amp has an effects loop. Just get rid of the jacks and run the effects internally. If it has no loop, find the end of the pre/start of the power amp. And put them there. As for the speaker jacks, you can just run another jack in parallel with the original jack. But make sure the total impedance of your cabs matches the output impedance of the amp. I don't believe this kinda tinkering is for you. You really need to know what you're doing.
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