Ok well I unfortunately have an MT-2. I got it when i first started playing from high recommendations from my friends...but anywayz I wanna mod this thing.

Im pretty good with a soldering iron, and I was hoping to do it myself. Ive searched these forums, and yahoo for some sort of do it yourself MT-2 but cant find any. Iknow that analog site does it, and so does keely, but I really dont wanna pay 70$+ shipping for him to drill a hole, put a swithc in and do some soldering....

Granted if he ****s up, he gets you one that works :P

But anywayz. Does anyone know? Maybe they just protect their schematics closely, haha. thanks!

Thats the only site I could find with DIY kits. They have the instructions with all the wires and such for 20$, or u ca just buy the instructions for 10$... But then they have two mods for the MT-2. I guess the sustain is more for cleaner tones, or atleast less gain...and the other is designed to crunch im guessing...

Im amazed though that someone hasnt taken those instructions and put them on the internet...I mean if they send it to you...LoL oh well i guess that would be stealing, haha.

Well someone lemme know if there are some free schematics of a mod that I can get my hands on, and thank for the quick replies